Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Prepare for Your Interview

To survive in this adroit world each one of us requires mindfulness regarding the ongoing events in the nation as well as across the globe. Keeping in mind a student’s perspective or someone who is preparing to enter an organization, a fully fledged knowledge of recent happenings in the past is mandatory. Knowledge of current affairs play a key role in everyone’s life as one will not feel left out during a discussion about ongoing topics and also the ones appearing for GD’s and personal interview will have an upper hand compared to ignorant ones.

For updating your knowledge, reading newspapers and watching news is a requisite. These two are vital source of information which keeps one updated about every single incident happening in the world. Besides this, the other source is Internet which has become the most popular mode among youngsters and radio is indeed another one.  Reading magazines can be a help too, especially the ones like India Today, outlook, Forbes and other business magazines.

Current affairs include all the fields like politics, economics, science and technology, sports, scams and scandals, awards and honors, entertainment and anything that is huge news.

In addition to the awareness about current affairs thorough knowledge of one’s subject is essential too. One should be well- versed with the particulars of his or her qualification which may include graduation or post graduation subjects, on the basis of which you are seeking a job. Nobody is going to ask detailed answers but a few simple questions just to check the awareness level in the field can be asked.

Another significant thing is the knowledge of the field one is willing to work in. Before appearing for an interview an outline of the tasks covered and other opportunities available in that field is required. For this, meet-up and hunt for people already working in the field. Some knowledge about all this will make an impression on your employer. It is not necessary that one should be aware of each and every technicality but at least an idea about the basics will prove out beneficial.

Last very essential thing is one’s familiarity with the organization. Before appearing for an interview be acquainted with the organization’s  location, history and record, the post you will be applying for and the products and services offered by the organization.

All these points are crucial before appearing for an interview. Well-prepared person has always been a first choice of the employer. Show your employer that losing you can make him lose a good opportunity.

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Happy Job Seeking...!!

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