Sunday, 1 January 2012

Focused For Resolutions

With the advent of 2012 each one of us is engrossed in finding out the resolutions to be followed this year. Even though we do not share our resolutions with others but somewhere in our minds we are sure of the do's and don't's we would be sticking to in the next 365 days or may be for lifetime.

However, with the passage of time our firm pledge becomes secondary and slowly it fades away from our memory lane. The New year resolutions remain unmet and so the commitment we made to ourselves become a comic story. This sneering approach is quite disparaging.

So what we all need is firmness in our attitude, optimism, self-discipline and we can achieve anything in this world. Believe it or not little change in our life can bring heaps of leeway to us. Let's take an example of past year, we all had been engrossed in the conversation about corruption that was selling like hot cakes in 2011. But, just cribbing over it is not enough, as we all know actions speak louder than words, so make it sure that you do not indulge or become a victim of corruption and instead contribute in the demise of this deep-rooted ill theory this year.

If to talk about a student's perspective, New Year resolutions can be quite lucrative as staying fit, getting organized and being diligent in the tasks can help in achieving greater heights. As students, or in other words we as country's future can bring significant changes but first of all we all need to change our lethargic behaviour which is a root cause for our failure. This year just remind one thing to yourself that is how to make your life better and this world a better place to live -in. Be decisive and remember one thing resolutions are the hallmarks, rest following them throughout your life need lots of determination.

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