Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Open Source Technology

Open source software is initiated with a design which is developed suitably, is then analyzed and assessed and is later re-developed from time to time, accordingly. The open source software allows the users to use the source code for deployment and further amendment which can be used by the entire community. The modification done within the software can assist other users to use the software in an enhanced way.

Open source technology has proved quite lucrative as great numbers of experts are involved in its advancement and the technology created benefits the society on a larger extent. It was introduced to benefit the technological community through the functioning of genius minds that have the ability to create and develop a common source that would facilitate the whole community with a broader aspect.

The idea of Open source software was influenced by the concept “Free Software Movement” which was initiated by Richard Stallman in 1983.The source code is available in gratis and everyone is allowed to use it according to their needs. The most significant aspect of open source technology is that the people involved make efforts to create trouble free software that would assist in the easy functioning of the concerned area. The open source software doesn’t include copyrights and therefore the software can be used for good.  

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Open Source and its Benefits

Open source is an initiative that facilitates the trading companies with a source code that is free to use and can be modified accordingly and appropriately. The best feature of this source is that it can be further developed anytime with an intention of universal availability. The open source software is free to download and can be used and modified according to own terms and conditions.  

Open source software is a fine example of cost effective and efficient measures where Research and Development (R&D) has stretched to different level.  The basic gain is that this technology has moderated the R&D outlay of worldwide companies.

The open source programs are available with a certified source code that ensures that the program is free to use for common people. This lucrative initiative ensures advancement of technology as other companies with technical expertise work hard to create much better technologies using the existing ones that turns out boost for the society.  Also, sometimes these open source products carry problems that can be fixed by the other companies due to their knowledge of skills in that particular field.  The open source software can be repaired and can be advanced at a faster pace and the product turns out commendable due to larger and brighter minds involved.  

Therefore, open source is a yielding technology that has benefited the world due to indulgent requisites involved.  In open source, the license holder of any technology cannot claim payments for its availability. Also, he cannot restrict anyone for its further use or development.  On the other hand many companies develop user manual for different open source software and earn money through it, but that is not related to the free availability of the software itself.