Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Benefits of E-learning

E-learning is the method of learning and teaching with the electronic mode standard.  This technique has revolutionized the education system with its promising standards.  Learning and teaching is now a more appealing activity, as the interaction level between the mentor and his pupils has augmented with the assistance of this technique.  E-learning facilitates in multitasking and could be of assistance to students, teachers and institution.  The conventional method of teaching has experienced a worthy change and classrooms are not the only place left for imparting education. This technique is available for both inside and outside the classrooms.

 If to talk about the classrooms, the online teaching or live classes can facilitate both students and teachers, as a mentor’s lecture can be accessible to the students, even if the former or the latter is not available in the classroom. Moreover, students can make use of these lectures anytime again in future.  Likewise, digital notes can play the same role and students can read them whenever and wherever required.  
In the countries like India, still the traditional method of classroom teaching is prevailing where if a student happens to miss any of the class for any reason has to understand that curriculum by one’s own, as the teacher cannot explain same thing again and again due to lack of time. But with the E-learning technique the students can stay acquainted with their course material anytime again.
Photo Courtesy: Renjith Krishnan 
Another benefit of e-learning can be arrangement of online assignments and quizzes. Here the students can participate in any of the activity and can evaluate their performance level by comparing it with previous results and with the results of fellow students.  This will help them in comprehending their mistakes and will motivate them to do much better in future. Also, their mentors and guardians can keep a watch on them by evaluating their performance from time to time.  In the E-learning system a student’s performance can be scrutinized more clearly.

E-learning is not just restricted to teaching and learning only, the institutions can arrange for the online notice boards and events that would make the interaction a painless and jovial platform. Also, online discussions will facilitate the students and teachers with more ideas, fetching the institution a wider perspective.  This technique has changed the outlook of education system as ideas can be easily exchanged in the world which has transformed into a global village.  

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Distance Education With E-learning

Distance education has gained its popularity with the passage of time, as most of the universities have commenced with correspondence education and has been introducing large number of courses under this domain. This education system has popularized with the incorporation of e-learning techniques and utilization of online programs by the distance learning institutes and have availed general masses as learning and acquiring a degree has become much easier.

Distance learning is beneficial for those who cannot afford to attend regular classes or do not have ample amount of money to spend on education. Sometimes people from remote areas do not get access to quality education therefore distance education is a lucrative option for them. Also, sometimes due to abundant course free, many students do not get access to education but with nominal fee structure and easy availability distance education proves out fruitful to them.

The significant aspect of distance learning is its flexibility, as students receive ample time to prepare for their course. Also, many institutes facilitate the students by the online classes which can be viewed again and again. Distance education program is preferred by all age groups and is adopted by many of the people who want to attain education along with their occupation.  The online assignments and online exams save a lot of time, as people do not have to commute to far off places and can take their exams from specified test centers.  The online assignments can be taken from personal computers.  Moreover, the scorecard and the significant information can also be viewed online.

Distance education program has proved out to be a great opportunity for the young as well as elderly people who believe that learning is an ongoing process. Also, the introduction of e-learning technique in such programs has facilitated its students with raised standards.

Photo Courtesy: Renjith Krishnan

Monday, 5 March 2012

Teach and Learn Through E-Learning

Photo Courtesy: Renjith Krishnan 
E-learning is one of the essential paradigms of technological advancement that has gained its popularity with the passage of time. This electronically supported mode has out passed the conventional way of learning and teaching which was only dependent on text books. Now learning in and out of a classroom is a much accessible approach, where this high-tech mode has availed the educational environment with a trouble-free expertise.

As the new learners have become accustomed to computers and internet, this e-learning technique can be utilized to make their learning process an interesting job.  The online live classes can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time and both students and teachers can avail from this technique. This mode will give the teachers an extra edge, as their knowledge and expertise could be shared to masses making the educators eminent in their domain. On the other hand, the students can access these classes again and do not have prospects of failing to spot any of the informative material. Best feature about these online classes is their round-the-clock availability.

This method boosts up the buoyancy of the instructors as students and teacher’s relation becomes more interactive and adds to the e-learning forte.  Moreover, virtual labs, e-books available online, PDF’s created according to the pupil’s requirement can always be of immense help to the learners. Also, students and teachers can indulge in the assignments and quizzes conducted online and can often review performances on time-to-time basis which could further facilitate in their performance enhancement.

This comprehensive mode has arranged learning and teaching into a comfortable task, as education system has become highly extensive and vibrant with its existence. As we all are aware of the fact that internet is the most often used mode by all age groups so, implying e-learning technique would give the organizations and institutions an upper hand. Furthermore, most importantly this e-learning technique is just not limited to teaching and learning methodologies applied in schools and universities but supports a broader sphere which includes various conglomerates including firms, big companies and businesses. Therefore, educational consultancies now-a-days provides specialized e-learning source and support to these conglomerates where they receive actual training. 

Hence, e-learning is a wider concept that could be of assistance to a broader group, as a large number of organizations and individuals are already utilizing it. This technique has certainly improved the standards in education, content building as well as technical domain.