Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Help Yourself : Enhance Your Personality

You would be the happiest person once you hear from your friends and acquaintances that you carry a great personality and have quite groomed up. We all are aware of the fact that an individual with a fine personality stands out from the rest. A good personality can be measured by the ways in which a person reacts and interacts in the society.

Lets take an example of a classroom, many times students want to respond but they do not interact out of hesitation. Hesitation is due to English speaking or a fear of extempore. Remember English is not our mother tongue, it's the second language and no one is born out as a master of English in our country. It is with time and practice everyone learns. When you start speaking in English you will eventually start finding out faults in yourself which will help you in a better understanding of the language.

Secondly, in this dexterous world, alertness is quite essential and one should have a thorough understanding of the subject he or she is talking about, so be attentive on what is happening around. The words of Swami Vevekananda, "All power is within you" are quite authentic. In simple language, be smart enough to face the uncertainty as eventually your confidence will help you in achieving bigger.Few things to be considered to lead a  high quality life are-

  • Choose a motive for your life.
  • Concentrate on whatever you do.
  • Be optimistic and confident.
  • Be firm and decisive.
  • Be a person of values.
  • Humans make mistakes and no one is perfect, but learn from your mistakes.
  • Be flexible and adaptive.
Learning is a continuous process and we all are familiar with a very old quote, "practice makes a man perfect", so keep in mind that with practice and time we can learn anything we want to along with a firm determination.

Note: Vedupro will soon come up with more articles on personality Development and related topic, so stay tuned with us and help your own self.

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