Sunday, 2 December 2012

Time Dilation, Time Dilation in Relativity, What is Time Dilation?


The word dilate means “Enlarge beyond normal size”. Time is also not absolute but relative. It is found that a moving clock in the space craft appear to tick at a slower rate than the stationary one on the ground as seen by an observer on ground.
Thus if a clock moves with very high speed v relative to an observer then it appears to be slowed down or time to time interval is increased by a factor .

Let us consider two frame of reference s and s’. s’ is moving with velocity v relative to s which is at rest along +x direction. A clock is at point x in the frames. Let the clock give out signal at two instant t1 and t2 then the interval between signal is given by .

If the signal interval is observed in frame of reference s’ then interval  is given by

From Lorentz transformation equation for time

Hence for a moving observer, the time interval appear to be dilated (increased).This phenomenon is known as Time Dilation.

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