Monday, 17 September 2012

Just One Mission for Our Nation

Wish that the affinity of our past had exposed the best out of us. But on the contrary, our political system is heading towards futility. The most dismal situation is that we have become a subject of mockery in the western media too and without any astonishment most of us agree with: what the world is saying about us. I am no such person who feels enlightened by the derogatory remarks about my countrymen who happen to be the renowned politicians. But there is no escapism for this situation.

This country, famous for diverse religion and culture is being known for en-rooted corruption. It's a moment of sigh for each one of us and the blame game is not working either. Corrupts being alert, still follow their grotesque practice as they are more confident of their power. Censuring just the UPA is not much of a worthy idea. In fact, each person involved should be questioned and punished for this disparaging situation. What Anna Hazare and other renowned troops are doing is commendable but we being responsible citizens either watch them on TV and praise them or sometimes come out on streets shouting slogans. Our outcry has not yet made much of a difference because even politicians are aware "action speaks louder than words." My implication is not at all a violent one, just an appeal to fellow citizens to demonstrate their national love. Last year, witnessed an absurd situation, during the initial days of Anna Hazare's national program, one of his energetic follower wearing a cap by his name, crossed a red light (the act was intentional). It was a disgrace to Anna ji, as seeing this incidence a group poked fun at the leader and his counterparts. It was a sad moment, for all the other supporters, that young man had brought disgrace to our movement. Anyways, what I want to convey is, being the supporters of anti-corruption movement we have to be moralistic. Corruption is not just measured in monetary terms but any unethical act is a part of corrupt commotion. As little things make difference, so we should abstain from abiding law, dishonesty, deceiving and violence. In simple term, together we achieve which no one can achieve alone.

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