Sunday, 19 August 2012

Polarimeter, Polarimetry, Laurent Half-Shade Polarimeter


The Polarimeter consists of Monochromatic source of light usually a sodium lamp. This light is allowed to pass through a narrow slit and then to N1 acting as Polarizer. After passing through the Nicol N1, the light becomes plane polarized and then is allowed to pass through a half shade device. The Hals Shade device consists of a circular plate with one half made up quartz and other half of glass of the same thickness.

The quartz half introduce a path difference of λ/2 between ordinary and extra ordinary light. After passing through the half-shade device, light is allowed to pass through the polarimeter containing optically active solution. Then the light is analyzed with the help of Nicol Prism n2 acting as a Analyzer.

The rotation in the light introduced to the presence of optically active substance is measured with the help of N2 connected to telescope circular scale V1V2.

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