Thursday, 9 February 2012

Racism: Man's Biggest Contradiction in God's Belief...!!

Racism is a premise that believes in intrinsic demarcation among the human races. Those who believe in racism take it as a practice and those against take it as an abhorrent term that exemplify narrow-mindedness. This racial discrimination or in simple terms the abhorrence or intolerance of another race results in inhumane activities that has a devastating effect on the global society.

Minor races have been highly victimized in the west and the tradition follows in east as well. The recent racist attacks in Europe have showcased the variation of racism that transpired when the majority groups in the society victimize the minority groups, inferring them to be a threat to the Eurocentric society. Europe has been considered as a land of opportunity for  millions however, the recent discriminatory attacks reveal the existence of chauvinism in the society. this results in the counter attack which exposes the unending fight of the periphery and the mainstream. 

The ethnic minorities are marginalized and blamed for ever wrong doings in the society and are exploited and made as scapegoats, be it economic crisis, riots and any other kind of disturbance in the society.

Racism befalls on the bases of color, caste, creed, sex and regions and has been deep rooted in our society. It becomes a political agenda during elections, an activist movement during revolution but has no ending. The culprits are a part of the society and the recent attacks have portrayed that the youth activists are entailed in such kind of heinous activities that claims the life of the people just on the bases of some asinine differences.

The individuals or group who practices such bigoted activities deem in disparity among factors like geography, ethnicity and religious conviction and conduct felony. It is the subjectivity of such statute that refutes the individuals' rights. It should be stopped and the groups believing in racism should be aware of the fact that they are born under same God and have been living under his rule.

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